Autumn / Winter 20-21

This season, we embrace the deep joy of slowing down... We learn to absorb the multi-sensory beauty of life around us and allow ourselves to be seduced by nature, its colours & decadent textures.

We rejoice in the many deep dimensions of our experiences. The storms and the celebrations, the hellos and goodbyes, the good and the bad - they make us ALL.

We celebrate the introspection, the emotional growth, inner dynamics and dialogue we all have with ourselves as we continue on the roads to growth and development, from one better version of ourselves to the next. 

The colours of this collections are a visual allure into these states. From deep storms to the intense glow of the autumn sun, the succulent richness of wine and finally, the darkest black, reflecting that from which contemplation and all new things grow.

Join us in the celebration of life, nature and womanhood.