How we size our dresses for optimum fit.

Women come is such a beautiful variety of shapes and sizes, no one identical to the next. That's why we wanted to design garments that would ensure the most comfortable, flattering fit for anyone who wears them. How could they be you new BFF if they didn't?

Below are our body size measurements. We grade our dresses on the XS - XL scale. To help you find your corresponding Lee Klabin size, we've put some conversions below. Take a look and see which one matches your body measurements.
And as always, if in any doubt, just pop us an email.  James is on hand to answer any query you've got!

Lee Klabin's luxurious ethical and sustainable knitwear. Made and sourced in the UK. Size chart

For any queries, just send us an email at or give us a call on +44 (0)203 560 9945. We'd be happy to help.