Style beyond seasons

Style beyond seasons

Raising the game for luxury knitwear...

Fashion has been and constantly is - evolving. This last year has given us all a welcome refreshed outlook on what our industry could & should become. How it could serve us and our environment - better.

Luxury fashion for us means setting the standard. Raising the bar. Using the best of what's available with the best means of producing with it. Everyone and everything is honoured- constantly.  We also had a deep think about why and how we dress and after some profound realisations, we decided to eliminate "seasons". By that, we mean seasonal fashion... After all, a great dress is only truly great if it can be relied-upon year-round. Styled in a variety of looks and comfortable wherever you are and whatever the weather. Becoming one of our trusted B.F.F's.

With the horizon now looking brighter for us all, we want to celebrate all the good things that last. Things that will elevate our spirits, echo our ethos and make us look and feel incredible.

Our luxuriously made, sustainable collection, is one such thing...

Launching with three core shapes and colours, the collection will slowly grow in colour and shape variations. The colours of this collection are a visual allure into the lushness of nature. From deep-sea storms to the intense glow of the autumn sun, the succulent richness of delicious wine and finally, the darkest black, reflecting that from which contemplation and all new things grow.

Join us in the celebration of life-affirming style and level-up your knitwear from nature with love.